"Special case" Montenegro

Montenegro is defined as “ ecological country” by constitution, but still isn’t an EU member.

Therefore Montenegro cannot issue licenses with EU ecolabel to objects.

The only possibility to get a certificate for your enterprise is over one of EU member states (e.g. Germany, Austria, Italy…), it  is possible  even though enterprise is not situated within EU.

It is possible for your enterprise from March 2012!

We have experts in Montenegro, who possess a license (certificate)  of auditor from service in charge of one EU member state , we do exclusive check up of your enterprise (audit) in Montenegro. Advisor, also living in Montenegro, supports you and gives advice on how to get the certificate for your enterprise.

Advantages for your enterprise:

  • Advisor and auditor have experience in conducting criteria  and guide lines and are able to target-track enterprise towards success (certification)
  • Considerably reduced expenses (advisor/auditor fee on state level, no travel and overnight stay expenses for auditor)
  • No travel expenses for owner, assurance is given in Montenegro

Your way to get EU Ecolabel for your object in Montenegro

  • "Quick check"  conduct – Is my enterprise ready for ecological mark?
  • Demand necessary documentation / criteria
  • Criteria conduction together with qualified advisor
  • Adding requests and check ups
  • Signing service and taxes contract
  • Certification and usage of EU ecological mark

Taxes, check and advice expenses

Request applicant pays check and advice expenses to a certified advisor/ auditor. It is estimated that time needed for  on-site check and work connected to it is 1 working day (for bigger enterprises max 2).

In Montenegro: More than 50 % cheaper than in all other EU countries!

For more information about taxes and expenses please contact our experts team.

Chose health and true values

Better for your health
  • There are non-smoking zones in common rooms.
  • Reduces air pollution by using colors and cleaning products which possess ecological mark.
  • Guests have unsprayed supplies from people from region on their disposal.
  • Employees are learning to use chloramines professionally.
  • Attention must be paid on drain waters, on place for camping and other accommodation, before they reach nature.
  • Limited pesticide and fertilizers use on places for camping and other accommodation places.Strict supervision over chemicals consumption in accommodations.
  • Special waste is collected and removed from remaining waste
Better for your wallet
  • Hotel employees help guests in public transport use
  • Guests can use bicycles for free, for sightseeing of city and smaller destinations.
  • Guests make profit if they use energy efficiently.