Excellent travelling and eating in "eco-plus" enterprises

Beauty and diversity of nature, as well as the cities’ cultural offers  are a stimulation to come in Montenegro. Guests here find intact nature, tradition and modern life and they are regaled with regional specialties. Careful treatment of natural resources is a condition for Montenegro to stay attractive as a touristic country.

Deep ecological changes of our world, especially change of climate and food contribute more and more to sensibility of people.

Therefore, more tourists pay attention on choice of their accommodation and restaurant considering ecological categories.

With European ecological mark for tourist enterprises, a seal was created, that shows which enterprises are good, with ecological management and social work. These enterprises stand for maintaining life basics, taking care of guests’ comfort and save money on working expenses.

Based on wide category catalogue, the enterprise is estimated in next areas: administering of enterprise in general, eco management, energy, water, waste, air, noise, biro, cleaning, chemicals, hygiene, building and inhabiting, equipment, life supplies, kitchen, traffic and environment.

Obligatory basics are under a "must" category, depending on sort and supply. In addition to that, there are criteria by choice, which deepen a specific situation of the enterprise, like size, supply, equipment and situation. Besides that, particulars are being honored, like the use of bio-life food only, special offers for pedestrians and bicyclists of founding of biologically clean parcels.

Acquiring of European ecological mark is possible for any tourist object – from apartments and camping- accommodation to a 5-star hotel.

How enterprise makes profit by conducting ecological mark?

  • Savings on enterpreneur expences due to running the enterprise oriented towards environment protection, meaningful use of energy, water and cleaning products, as well as waste prevention due to conscious commerce and waste distribution
  • Increase of image by informing colleagues and guests about ecological criteria
  • Marketing instrument for positioning on tourist market and help in orientation for guests interested
  • 50% of Germans, Austians, English and French consider environment protection very important
  • 51% of Germans think that eco label is very important when it comes to accommodation capacities
  • 87% of British  prefers accommodation in eco label accommodation capacities
  • 50% of British is ready to pay 30 pounds more for eco label accommodation capacities

How a guest makes profit from the enterprise that owns an ecological certificate?

  • Quality guarantee due  to ecological management
  • A stay full of enjoying and relaxing with healthy and regional life supplies, as well as support during use of public transport
  • Comfort of guests for pleasant temperature in optimal heating and cooling control  and creating pleasant air in rooms due to selected materials and rooms for non-smokers

How a region makes profit from enterprise that owns a ecological certificate?

  • Contribution for improving ecological situation n the region
  • Less CO2 emission due to usage of recycling energy, as well as energy savings
  • Strenghtening  regional economy and culture due to privileged commerce in the region